Hi there, welcome to my marketplace. Feel free to have a quick look at my Domain Portfolio and contact me on sajid@plus5domains.com, if I can be of any assistance. Cheers, Sajid.

About Us:

Plus5Domains.com was founded by Sajid Yasin in the Year 2017, due to his passion for Domain Names and the way the Domain Investing Industry works.

Sajid has many years of professional experience in the fields of Information Technology, Finance & Administration in India as well as the Middle East. He lives in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Plus5Domains.com aims to offer its customers, Premium and Quality - in demand names, that may include creative, keyword rich and even invented brand names, that would appeal to a wide variety of people for their businesses, start-ups, products or services. We have an excellent selection of domain names relevant to different industries, such as HR, Careers & Recruitment, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Information Technology, Internet, Computers, Software, Finance, Business, and more getting added on a periodical basis!

Looking to buy Quality Domain Names for your Business, New Start-up, Product or Service?

Please look around our portfolio and feel free to contact us on sajid@plus5domains.com for any assistance and we will be glad to be of help in finalizing your desired domain name

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